Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honey Blows Another One

The University of Rochester men score the tying goal against Chicago on Oct. 15.
Honey and I made it to Boston from Rochester about 7 a.m. this morning. We're parked on a level lot (woohoo) at the edge of campus next to the commuter rail line.
Friday night I watched the Rochester women beat Chicago 1-0 in the cold, wind and rain. Nasty night. The Rochester men tied Chicago 1-1 in the 7:30 game. The rain had stopped, thankfully for the fans.

The fans go wild at Fauver Stadium in Rochester.
The drive across Western New York and Western Massachusetts was absolutely gorgeous, though windy. Fall color appears to be about 60 percent near Rochester but more like 85 percent in Massachusetts.
Normally, I don't find road signs very interesting, but this morning on I-90 I passed a sign that said "N.H.- Maine and Cape Cod, 2 miles." Something very romantic and alluring about being so close to this corner of the United States. Only in the UAA.

Today, Emory is at Brandeis; Chicago at Case Western Reserve; Wash U at Rochester; and Carnegie Mellon at NYU. 

Nate wrestles a tire and wins.
Sounds like  a gunshot on the Mass Pike
Honey and I were making good time getting to Waltham from Rochester last night on the Mass Pike when I heard a very loud pop. Knew immediately what it was cause I heard the same sound on the New Jersey Turnpike a couple of weeks ago.
Honey blew another tire. Left, rear, inside (not one of the new ones).
I need an official UAA Road Trip Tire Sponsor.
Nate McCarthy was home eating dinner and watching the Texas-Nebraska game when he got the call. Nate works for Pete's Tire Barns, Inc. (16 locations in Western Mass.)  He had to drive down to his shop in Springfield to pick up the bright yellow then head to my location.

This tire is history. A rare 8.75 by 16.5.
We checked my spare first, and it looked OK though not perfect.

After about a half hour under Honey with a jack and wrestling tires off and on, Nate had me back on the road.

Told me is was good that I didn't have tire rot. Said he went on a call once where a guy with a newer RV than Honey (most RVs are newer than Honey) had two tires pop while his rig was sitting in his driveway.

Nate played football for Dallas Community College in Texas for a couple of years, but quit because of shoulder injuries and a lack of playing time. In high school, he cleared 6 feet in the high jump.

Texas won, 20-13.

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