Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Polls Are Out, I Am Old

D3 polls are always released on Tuesdays, so here's a roundup of where UAA teams rank.
Do athletes, coaches and administrators pay attention to polls? Heck yes.
As one coach told me, if you want to compete for a national championship, the first step is competing for a UAA championship. Trust me, if I get a ranking wrong I will hear about it -- and correct it.
For those of you involved in UAA sports, these listings aren't news, because most of you called them up on the InterWeb the second they came out. For those of you who are just gaining awareness of the University Athletic Association, they show how these programs compete nationally.
About 450 colleges and universities belong to the NCAA's Division 3.

Honey in Jersey City.
Men's Cross Country - USFCCA

2. Washington University (2)
9. NYU (11)
13. Carnegie Mellon (14)
26. Case Western Reserve (27)
29. Rochester (28)
32. Brandeis (9)
Women's Cross Country - USFCCA
4. Washington University (4)
15. University of Chicago (14)
23. Case Western Reserve (23)
30. NYU (27)
34. Emory (34)

Volleyball - AVCA
1. Washington University (1)
2. Emory University (3)
15. University of Chicago (17)
23. NYU (23)

Women's soccer - NSCAA
15. Emory University (13)
23. Brandeis (15)
24. Chicago (Unranked)
25. Rochester (Unranked)

Men's soccer - NSCAA
9. Emory University  (9)
10. Washington University (11)
20. Rochester (15)
21. Carnegie Mellon (11)

About this blog: I am traveling around the country to attend soccer games at every school in the University Athletic Association, thus the random photo of my RV, Honey, parked at the Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park in Jersey City earlier this month.
Today, Oct. 13, I am at the University of Rochester.

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