Monday, September 20, 2010

Up To My Knees in Bees

Five days before I head out on a 4,200-mile road trip to Catch the Stories of the University Athletic Association. In a 1984 recreational vehicle branded "Honey" by the now-extinct company that made her.

This is my blog, and it's supposed to be about the history and unique achievements of the UAA, but right now I can think only about getting Honey ready.

Here's a partial list of Honey Dews:

Replace 100 (or so) exterior screws with new, stainless steel hex head screws and clean the rust stains left behind; finish caulking the busted roof seam from when I backed into a tree; replace six storage cabinet locking clips; learn how to light and operate the range; paint black rubber tubing orange; afix black rubber tubing to the the funky roof seam repaired in step mentioned above; install new handles on galley drawers; install eye hooks and bungie cords inside cabinets to keep stuff from rattling around; re-screen the very funky screen door (the rubber strip that holds the new screen in place is called a spline, and it comes in different diameters); buy and install flexible, vinyl trim around edge of kitchen sink countertop; find stopper for bathtub; clean head (that's bathroom for you landlubbers); buy cell phone holster to glue to dashboard; put UAA school bumper stickers on spare tire cover; install two more valve stem extension on front tires; figure out what cool license plate to put on front bumper (either 1970s Colorado plate or "Powered by Aurora Coffee" plate); treat, brush, sand, prime, paint 12 rust spots on front of Honey; get digital antenna for TV; borrow VHS tapes from Lisa; pick up Honey from repair shop where valve cover gasket is being replaced ($310); finish scraping smootz from inside windows.

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