Monday, September 27, 2010

Manifold Destiny

Meriwan Abdullah and my header.
Honey, my 1984 recreational vehicle, is breathing fire. Not a good thing when you have 4,200 miles ahead of you. I decided on Saturday to get the leak fixed in the manifold gasket (It's not really a manifold, but a "header," which is a customized exhaust manifold designed to increase power). Two mechanics had told me to go ahead with the trip and "whatever will be will be." They reasoned that the risks of attempting to remove an old header and replace the gasket outweigh the risks of simply driving on. Lisa, the kindly neighbor lady, thought I should get it fixed.

Now, Honey is at an exhaust shop on Lawrenceville Highway. My savior is Meriwan Abdullah, who is from Sulymania in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Meriwan has nimble fingers, patience and a love of exhaust systems. He removed the eight bolts without breaking a single one and is getting ready to install the new gasket. Minh, the Vietnamese owner of the shop, recommends the sturdier aluminum gasket to the paper ones.

Should be on the road by mid-afternoon, Meriwan willing.

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