Monday, September 13, 2010

I Hit a Sign

Sunday I took the girls to a fabulous spot on the Chattahoochee River for a little swim and a Honey test run.

I hit a sign. Didn't even realize it until I got out to see whether I was parked appropriately. No one around, what the heck. The sign was crumpled a little, but still legible. Honey was fine.

The river was running low and the water was cool. Claire and Leia did some swimming, but they were more interested in checking the pee-mail on the riverbank. Dogs will be dogs.

When I arrived back at 1041, I was parking Honey on the street, next to a big tree that sticks out over the pavement. Yep. I hit it with the top right hand rear corner. Gosh, that rig is bigger than I thought. Will take a trip to the RV store tomorrow to see if they can push the dent out and seal it with a couple of gallons of goo.

Honey's head-turning days are far in the past. Now she just needs to be waterproof.

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